5 Ways To Never Pay Retail (#9)

 #9 Five Ways To Never Pay Retail            

A penny saved is a penny earned. Benjamin Franklin.

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Just don’t do it.   Don’t pay retail.  In #5, I mentioned that the KoF once worked in retail. I’ve seen what items cost to the retailer and the price at which those items are sold to the consumer. There’s plenty of margin, friends.

1.  If there is a widget that you desire . . . wait. The price will drop. If it sells out, you will live without said widget. Delayed gratification will reap huge dividends.  We always sleep on major purchases.

2. Ask for a cash discount. Even with Princess Eldest’s braces, we paid cash. Prior to our Debt Slaying Journey, I didn’t know that Orthodontists, Dentists, Hospitals, and Doctors may give you a discount for cash.  Even a small discount on a large purchase can make a big difference.

3. Negotiate the tar out of it.   Like any negotiation, have one hand on the door. Be willing to walk away from the purchase. If you can’t get the priced reduced, don’t buy it.

4.  You better shop around.  Price match.  Compare online.  Check the frugal sites.  Educate yourself so that you know what a fair and reasonable price is for the good or service you intend to purchase. Maybe you’ll even find a coupon.

5.  Actually save the money.  Or roll it over toward debt.  If you spend $50.00 on an item that retails for $100.00, you have not saved $50.00.  You spent $50.00 and probably didn’t save squat.  Saving means putting money into an account or cookie jar for a later date.  Just because it is a good deal, doesn’t mean that you need it.

     What is the best deal you’ve ever got?

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