Debt Free 101 – #1 Purpose

#1 Purpose                                                      
Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a KJV

      Have one. Define it. Prioritize. The Queen and I decided to eradicate our debt. Together. That’s how we succeeded. We had a common purpose. It almost failed before it started though. Originally, I wanted to slay debt. So, I told the QoF our (read: my) plan. My message failed. Miserably. It was unequivocally the messenger‘s fault.

     Here are two tips worth noting. 1) Don’t serve filet mignon on a trash can lid. 2) Don’t sell great ideas with stupid methods. Always lead with, end with, and fill in between with love. Aspiring to slay the Debt Dragon is terrifying enough. Thinking your spouse is gonna bulldoze you in the process, is paralyzing. Two people must be of one accord to succeed. Otherwise, you will both fail.

      If something is outside your purpose, don’t do it. At a minimum, take steps to eliminate distractions.  Our purpose has changed. Now, we want to help others slay debt. This is our new quest. Our redefined purpose.

     What is your purpose?

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