Debt Free 101 – #13 Anything Extra

 #13 Anything Extra Goes To Debt Repayment

Focused intensity over time multiplied by God equals momentum.  Dave Ramsey.

No, this is not the same as #12. It is tempting to use extra income for something that you’ve been really wanting. This is not your first paycheck from your first job that you’re gonna blow because you wanna celebrate (shouldn’t do that either). There is a Dragon at your door ready to destroy your family. You better fight.

Earning extra income did not increase our lifestyle. Our lifestyle decreased. We created a margin between what we earned and what we spent. Once we had margin, we did everything we could to widen that margin. Most Americans chase their incomes with their lifestyles. Plenty of Americans actually chase their lifestyle with their income which is even worse. The money we saved by not buying Christmas or birthday presents for each other and the extra money earned all went toward Dragon slaying. It didn’t get lost or wasted somewhere else. We sacrificed for a purpose.

Sure this takes commitment, but it is for a short period of time. And – it’s worth it. You can do this.

     What is the most difficult task you have ever completed?

     READ THIS: The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne.
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Photo Source: via Brian on Pinterest