Debt Free 101 – #17 The Queen Quit

#17  The Queen Quit

Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Winston Churchill.

She did not abdicate her throne, she quit her job.  Years ago.  When the DSJ began, the QoF had a regular paying gig. Commonly, people refer to this as working outside of the home. Because working inside the home typically involves leaving the confines of the actual home, I’m not sure how that reference fits so I don‘t use it.

Regardless of the phraseology, the QoF was earning an amount equal to the amount we were paying above and beyond the minimum monthly payments of our consumer debt. To borrow a Dave Ramsey term, the Queen was earning the snowball. If the Queen quits, the snowball disappears. But, the best decision for our family was that it was time for her to leave her position. So she quit. In August of 2008. This could be the most counterintuitive move of our entire journey. Nonetheless, it resulted in less expenses. The Queen eliminated carry costs such as childcare, increased phone bill, mileage, gasoline, restaurant eating, and most importantly time. Time is money.

Once the Queen quit her paid position, the amount we were paying toward debt gradually increased. The Queen became COO of our home and did an extraordinary job of tightening our budget and reducing the costs associated with running a household. And a frugal superhero money saving monarch was born.

     What was your first job? Do you still have it?

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