Debt Free 101 – #23 Sell Baseball Cards

#23 sell baseball cards

Buy low, sell high.

The baseball cards took awhile. I accumulated over 50,000 baseball cards when I was a kid. While the generation prior to me wishes it would have kept its baseball cards, I wish I would have sold mine at the peak of the market. Does anyone want my Will Clark rookie card? Anyone? Of course not. But, at one time it was worth some money. Because of remembering former values as opposed to realistic values coupled with memories my childhood hobby, I held on too long. Way too long. These things were an albatross to move and to store. I found someone on Craig’s List who wanted to buy some of these cards. Not the best deal. Again (like #22) it was just as much of a symbolic gesture as a revenue builder. Basically, it was $60 or $70. That’s all. Maybe you don’t have a baseball card collection, but maybe you have a collection of some sort. The choice is yours. Either you want to do everything you can to get your family out of debt or you don’t. It’s not my suggestion to sell heirlooms or one of a kind items especially if those items have a significant family connection. That’s a recipe for regret and bitterness between married couples. However, if you have a bunch of stuff that you collected, find out if it has a market value and sell it – even if you can only sell it for what someone will pay for it. Will Clark ain’t hittin’ home runs anymore. Let it go.

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