Begin With Why. Finish With What.

How you can get out of debt by dreaming big.

Why do you want to get out of debt? “Why?” is the most important question. Do you want to be more generous? Is there a beach that is calling your name? Maybe your debt is the only thing standing in the way of having a pet kangaroo. Maybe not. Maybe it’s because you want to save for your kid’s college education. Or maybe you just want to be free of the shackles of debt and its litany of misgivings.

Without a clearly defined purpose (the “why?”), you are unlikely to achieve financial freedom. Ask the “why?” question. Be honest. Dream big. Target a destination. Cast a vision long and awesome.

Dreaming big and answering the “why?” question is the key in the ignition. “Why?” starts the journey. But asking “what?” is the fuel. And the tires. Maybe the axle, transmission, water pump, and steering wheel too. “What?” keeps you going.

“What?” demands a specific response (“How?” is just a whiney question). To figure out “what?,” list each step you know you’re going to have to take to reach your desired “why?” destination. List the obstacles too. Write the answer to the question “what?” next to each step and obstacle. As in, what do you need to do to make this happen? It will be daunting. To avoid discouragement, revisit “why?” and then get back after “what?” with a vengeance.