the dragon strikes back

for those of you new to the court, the royal family has been battling the once dreaded debt dragon since april 2, 2008.  previously, the dragon and i corresponded back and forth. feel free to catch up, here and here.  the dragon is marked for death, but the dragon is hard to kill.  it wrote back with a dying beast’s gloating vengeance.  i’ve never copied any of the dragon’s correspondence before (too disturbing), so this may be the only excerpt i’ll ever share:

     “from hell’s heart, i stab at thee.  for hate’s sake, i spit my last breath at thee.”

apparently, the dragon reads melville. who knew? or maybe it was khan.  no matter. 

one of the royal carriages suffered a hefty blow at the claws of the dragon.  as the finish line of this marathon toward financial freedom comes within reach (~ $125K in ~ 47.5 mos.), the dragon struck (read: the king’s truck needed a new ignition switch).  we appear to be under siege.  it makes sense. that truck is paid for – and has been a great and noble debt slaying weapon.

so i wrote back (it’s the polite thing to do).

dear dragon:

thank you for your most recent correspondence.  the assault on my helpless, old vehicle was not, however, appreciated.  i am impressed by your reference to great literature as well as your continued, tenacious, and unrelenting malice toward my family. perhaps we are your white whale.  lest you forget ahab’s demise? killed by his own killing method. so you shall fall a similar fate.  you grew a little bit over a long period of time.  you have died a little bit over a long period of time.

your wrath is only a nuisance now; the wind from the snap of your tail an unremarkable breeze.  it’s over dragon.  concede.  actually, don’t concede.  let’s do this thing.  i’m out for justice now.  your inequities shan’t go unpunished. there’s a reckoning coming. my boots are shined up real nice – and they’re lookin’ for a place to land.

best wishes,


p.s. get your affairs in order

  • =)Bnpositive

    Go GET ‘EM!

  • Publius

    Revenge is a dish best served cold…